Trend Trader v1.2

 Version 1.2 has been released. This is what changed:

- Martingale Consecutive Losing Trades has been fixed - a previous bug would not always follow this value

- SL and TP have been added to all trades, including pending orders. So if the traders do not want to use them (for example when hedging), they just have to enter very high values. For example, instead of a normal stoploss of 50 pips, simply use a stoploss of 5000 pips.

Another scenario that can be achieved now, useful when hedging, is to set a SL a little before the hedging order, so a losing trade will close just before the hedging - and hopefully winning - trade opens.

- the magic number -1 (ie no magic number) has been removed from the EA's code, and we advise all traders to use a positive magic number if they want to use one and therefore have the EA better monitor the opened trades

- related to the change above, buy/sell buttons have been added to the chart, useful for traders that trade manually, and the EA's magic number applies to these trades as well so the EA can manage them properly

- the lotsize has been slightly modified. If the lotsize is not allowed by the broker/equity, then the EA will recalculate it and try to open or place pending trades using the closest amount permitted by the equity and within the broker's maximum and minimum lotsize values


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