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Trend Trader v1.4

Trend Trader v1.4 Changes in the EA's settings definitions/inputs to better reflect their functionality.

Trend Trader v1.3

Trend Trader v1.3

 The functionality of the Trend Trader v1.3 is the same as v1.2, however, we have changed the code entirely so the EA will use an external indicator (similar to NonLagMA EA for MT4). The previous versions (1.1, 1.2) didn't have the need for an external indicator, but they proved to be a little too slow when attaching the EA to the chart and/or changing the timeframe. Therefore, we have decided to make this similar to the NonLagMA EA, that also proved to be a very reliable and stable expert advisor.

Trend Trader v1.2

Trend Trader v1.2

 Version 1.2 has been released. This is what changed:

- Martingale Consecutive Losing Trades has been fixed - a previous bug would not always follow this value

- SL and TP have been added to all trades, including pending orders. So if the traders do not want to use them (for example when hedging), they just have to enter very high values. For example, instead of a normal stoploss of 50 pips, simply use a stoploss of 5000 pips.

Another scenario that can be achieved now, useful when hedging, is to set a SL a little before the hedging order, so a losing trade will close just before the hedging - and hopefully winning - trade opens.

- the magic number -1 (ie no magic number) has been removed from the EA's code, and we advise all traders to use a positive magic number if they want to use one and therefore have the EA better monitor the opened trades

- related to the change above, buy/sell buttons have been added to the chart, useful for traders that trade manually, and the EA's magic number applies to these trades as well so the EA can manage them properly

- the lotsize has been slightly modified. If the lotsize is not allowed by the broker/equity, then the EA will recalculate it and try to open or place pending trades using the closest amount permitted by the equity and within the broker's maximum and minimum lotsize values


What the Trend Trader can do


Detect the trend by using a special kind of moving average and the price relation regarding it


Analyze the price and find the right time to enter (or exit) a trade or a basket of trades


Identify the highs/lows that the price makes, to separate the fake signals from the profitable trades


Manage the trades by settings stoploss, take profit, breakeven and maximize profits by trailing the price


Recover the losses using a hedging strategy or martingale, for trades that go against the price


The Trend Trader EA aims to be a meaningful and relevant expert advisor for all trend traders


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A bit about us

We like trading, programming & coffee

We are a group of successful traders from different countries, specialized in MT4/MT5 programming, each of us sharing one simple goal. While continue trading profitably and eventually improving our trading strategies, we are also developing automated trading solutions (aka expert advisors for MetaTrader) to reflect our most profitable trading strategies.

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Our story

I remember how it started
A few years ago, while the forex trading was blooming and plenty of FX forums and trading chat rooms appeared, we started to gather around and form our own group. Started in Thailand by Andy Cruise, the RobotFX fastly became international and we soon released our own EAs based, this time, on our own trading experience.

Although we (RobotFX Team) charge for our live expert advisors, the RobotFX members are not looking into these profits. Most of the RobotFX sales go to the website management and web development.


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